Failure by conservatives to learn from election failures can be hazardous
to our nation's health...and our children's wealth!

The Ultimate Field Guide
for Political Foot Soldiers

"How to Launch a Neighbor-to-Neighbor
Battle Plan that Kicks Butt and Takes No Prisoners!"

Free reportWhether you’re “just” an individual citizen who would like to do “something” to help elect better people to office but don’t know what to do or where to begin…

Or you’re a precinct captain or district coordinator who isn’t being given very good information on exactly what to do or how to do it to be effective in running a volunteer grassroots operation or where to begin…

Or you’re a candidate or campaign manager or other staffer who knows you need a “ground game” but have never put an effective one together – the key word here being “effective” – and don’t know what to do or where to begin…

Begin right here…

In this absolutely FREE report from American Solutions – written by veteran political trainer Chuck Muth (The Campaign Doctor!) you’ll discover…

  • Why Spock from Star Trek would make an absolutely lousy grassroots foot soldier
  • Lincoln’s Law of political campaigns…and why it’s as valid today as it was over 150 years ago!
  • Ground game secrets from the man who first got Barry Goldwater elected…even though ”the experts” said it was impossible!
  • The 3 types of voters in every campaign…and which group every candidate needs to focus most of their time and attention on
  • Why the GOP definition of “GOTV” has led to so many major electoral failures…and what you, yourself, can do to change it in while making yourself virtually INVALUABLE to any campaign or party organization
  • The 2 things every candidate MUST do to be successful…and why you should run like a scalded dog from any candidate who refuses to do them
  • The ONLY effective way to reach voters who just don’t give a…er, darn
  • Why candidates can’t do the one thing they need to do above all…but how YOU can do it for them
  • The special bond you have with certain voters that no candidate (unless he lives next door to you) can replicate
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step guide to recruiting an army of foot soldiers for the critical closing days of any campaign
  • A little known formula to judge how long it will take a campaign to recruit all the foot soldiers it will need
  • Sample, proven word-for-word scripts that will help you recruit your volunteers
  • How to handle a hostile potential recruit so as not to lose a potential voter
  • The 2 things a campaign should usually absolutely NOT ask foot soldiers to do (violation of the second one can kill this particular program)
  • The most important thing for a campaign to mail to every new recruit the day after they volunteer if they really want to “seal the deal”
  • The single most important printed item (simple & inexpensive) to give to give volunteers to “lock them in” for the duration of the campaign
  • Why it’s sometimes OK to try recruiting volunteers from the opposition’s camp…and how this can sometimes be the best thing possible for your candidate
  • A smart little way to use your smart-phone and a certain type of carpet that’ll have volunteers walking through walls for your candidate!
  • Sample, proven word-for-word scripts for your foot soldiers to use when talking to voters…and the one thing they should NOT tell a certain type of voter about the candidate
  • The “corny” and unconventional key elements that should be included in every candidate brochure for volunteers to hand out that is decidedly NOT what most campaigns do…but should!